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Top 100+ Most Popular Porn Niches

This list of niches shows the most popular xxx porn niches online. The data is based on a 1-year period from mid-2018 to mid-2019. It displays popularity for each niche based on how many searches it had in Google for that period globally. The searches equal niche + the word porn like this: “teen porn”, “black porn”, etc.

Teen100%61 Sites
Mom93%0 Sites
Black78%23 Sites
Lesbian51%29 Sites
Anal37%62 Sites
Japanese36%5 Sites
Milf35%51 Sites
Young34%7 Sites
Mature33%31 Sites
Sister29%0 Sites
Asian24%52 Sites
Big Ass21%34 Sites
Ebony21%31 Sites
School19%1 Sites
White16%0 Sites
Amateur15%26 Sites
Bbw15%27 Sites
Hardcore14%24 Sites
Dad12%0 Sites
Pornstar12%7 Sites
Big Tits11%61 Sites
Fat11%0 Sites
Public11%6 Sites
Jav10%1 Sites
Romantic10%3 Sites
Teacher10%2 Sites
Blonde9%51 Sites
Creampie9%38 Sites
Latina9%49 Sites
College8%11 Sites
Couple8%12 Sites
Gangbang8%19 Sites
Thai8%2 Sites
Threesome8%42 Sites
Big Dick7%30 Sites
Blowjob7%49 Sites
Feet7%11 Sites
Stepmom7%5 Sites
Rough7%0 Sites
Erotic5%2 Sites
Interracial5%34 Sites
Pov5%29 Sites
Solo5%32 Sites
Tranny5%21 Sites
Skinny5%10 Sites
Bus5%0 Sites
Student5%1 Sites
Bdsm4%21 Sites
Beach4%1 Sites
Dildo4%26 Sites
Old And Young4%7 Sites
Taxi4%1 Sites
693%13 Sites
Dp3%24 Sites
Handjob3%27 Sites
Masturbation3%42 Sites
Orgy3%18 Sites
Petite3%29 Sites
Police3%1 Sites
Outdoor3%26 Sites
Squirting3%40 Sites
Muscle3%11 Sites
Nurse3%8 Sites
Parody3%9 Sites
Redhead2%48 Sites
Brunette2%46 Sites
Hairy2%41 Sites
Facial2%36 Sites
Fetish2%32 Sites
Group Sex2%28 Sites
Lingerie2%28 Sites
Stockings2%27 Sites
Tattoo2%27 Sites
Cumshot2%26 Sites
Fisting2%19 Sites
Curvy2%13 Sites
Bondage2%15 Sites
Cosplay2%16 Sites
Oil2%13 Sites
Hospital2%1 Sites
Femdom2%11 Sites
Fingering2%14 Sites
Latex2%11 Sites
Pussy Licking2%13 Sites
Deepthroat1%23 Sites
Small Tits1%41 Sites
Sex Toys1%41 Sites
Natural Tits1%20 Sites
Voyeur1%17 Sites
High Heels1%19 Sites
European1%18 Sites
Uniform1%19 Sites
Massage1%19 Sites
Spanking1%17 Sites
Strap On1%16 Sites
Footjob1%12 Sites
Leather1%13 Sites
Condom1%3 Sites
Grandpa1%1 Sites
Grandma1%0 Sites
Stepsister1%3 Sites
Stepdad1%2 Sites
Fitness1%3 Sites
Behind The Scenes1%10 Sites
Submissive1%8 Sites
Sports1%3 Sites
Ass Licking1%11 Sites
Rimmming1%0 Sites