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VR Bangers

Pornstar 360° VR sex!

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Porn content: 200 VR videos. 65 360° VR videos. 14 lesbian videos.

Membership prices: $2.95 for 1 day, $24.95 per month, $49.50 for 3 months ($16.50/mo), $97.20 for a year ($8.10/mo).

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Estimated daily visitors: 57,000

Our Review

VR Bangers has just started releasing videos in 6K – Amazing video resolution, ready for the next gen headsets.

FREE Previews

Each video has a preview trailer of about 2 minutes that you can use for previews, which is excellent. However, the video previews/trailers are pretty blurry, but hey they serve their purpose as being previews pretty well. Each video also has several photos you can view without an account. You can also browse the site for free without an account and see what videos they’ve got for each of the niches. Also to see a list with photos of all the sexy pornstars that are starring in their porn videos.

They even have a “FREE” category currently containing 2x different 10-minute videos that you can download in excellent quality.

Members Area Content

Members get full access to the entire archive of close to 200 VR porn videos including 65 videos with immersive 360° viewing angle. Included in their archive is the VR video featuring the most female models in the world – 12! That video is shot in 6K, and it’s called “VRB World Cup 2018” if you want to check it out. They also have a VR sex game available for members. That game has decent graphics but not as realistic looking models as I would hope for in 2019. It should not be too taxing on your PC though and will probably run decently on most PCs. It is available for RIFT/VIVE, and you can preview screenshots from the game at their site (link at the top of their website).

Their 1-day trial membership includes 1 download plus mobile streaming.

Niche / Position Content Filter

They have a really nice filter that you can use to find videos by combining niches (or just selecting one niche) and also what position it is filmed from. The different positions are lying, sitting, standing, swivel. If you visit the site you can try it out and browse the content before you decide if you want to buy access.

Awarded Premium VR Site

VR Bangers has gotten several awards and nominations for excellent content, including “XBIZ Best Virtual Reality Sex Scene 2018” and “Cybersocket Innovative Company of the Year 2018”.

Pros & Cons

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