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New Sensations

Large porn producing studio!

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Porn content: 6.500 videos.

Membership prices: $4.95 for 3 days, $29.95 per month, $54.95 for 3 months, $74.95 for 6 months, $119.95 for a year.

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Estimated daily visitors: 76,000

Our Review

The guys at New Sensations have produced a lot of porn and you can get access to it all with their reasonably priced memberships.

They claim to have only exclusive videos but I know that you will also find around 700 of their videos on Bang! and 600 of their videos on PornHub Premium and maybe other sites also. I guess they shoot all of their own content but also make it available at other sites.

Preview the Site

If you visit New Sensations you can browse it for free without a membership and watch decent quality preview videos of about 1 minute each. That way you will be able to know exactly the content of the site before you decide to purchase a membership or not.

Lesbian porn is one of the major niches here. You will find around 500 lesbian porn videos at this site.

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