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Huge porn site with HD videos!

Go! Bang!

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Porn content: 119.000 videos, 31.000 HD videos, 400 4K videos.

Membership prices: FREE for 2 days ($29.95/mo), $29.95 per month, $99.95 for 6 months ($16.66/mo).

Discount price: $19.95/mo. Claim

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Estimated daily visitors: 298,000

Our Review

Bang! is a huge porn site with lots of HD porn videos and about 400 4K videos. They also have a lot of videos from the pre HD era, and you will find classic porn videos like Babewatch at the site. Members can download videos without any restrictions.

Huge Amount of HD Vidoes

Maybe the best porn site out there for HD porn! It is at least one of the sites with the most content. The site also gets lots of updates (several videos added each day) featuring new hot young women and popular pornstars.

Bang! is also one of the best teen porn sites out there with over 8.000 HD sex videos featuring teens. They are a little sloppy and tagging videos with the teen niche tag even though the girl looks like mid-twenties. Still though, probably the largest archive of premium teen porn online. The site also has over 3.000 HD videos with MILFs and mature women!

This site features videos from lots of different porn producers. They also make their own original videos for different niches including real teens and real MILF porn.

FREE Trial Membership

This site now has a free trial membership option for 2 days of access! This is one of the few sites that let their trial membership renew at the regular low monthly price – so no tricks and no need to cancel your membership just to change the membership plan if you like the site.

I would like to see a 1 year membership option with a nice discount though, hopefully, they will add one soon.

Pros & Cons

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